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Flavor Your Way

More flavor? Yes please! This is a new way to add flavor to your drink.

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Whiten Your Way

Our creamers let you whiten your drink the way you want - no mess, no waste.

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Sweeten Your Way

Our natural sugar innovations give your drink guilt-free sweetness

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N’Robed Sugar

N’Robed Sugar is the best sugar product the natural world has to offer. We wrap our sugar crystals in the purest no-calorie sweetener made from tropical cane (Reb M, from fermented sugarcane). That’s why we call it super’naturally sweet!

  • 50% of the sugar, 50% of the calories – 100% delicious.
  • Sweetens quicker and dissolves faster, especially in cold drinks like iced tea.
  • No aftertaste. It tastes exactly like sugar.
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N’Robed Flavor Shots

We’ve taken the water out of flavored syrups, swapped the syrup sweetener with all natural premium Turbinado crystals, and reduced the calories.

  • 75% fewer calories per serving than flavor syrups.
  • Turbinado is a richer, premium sugar.
  • There’s no water to dilute your beverage.
  • 100% naturally flavored.
  • No gums or preservatives.
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Flavor Sticks

Add a mouthwateringly rich flavor to your coffee with N’Joy’s flavor sticks. This zero calorie decadence is the perfect addition to your favorite cup of joe.

  • There’s no water, gums or preservatives to dilute your beverage
  • Always naturally flavored, never artificial.
  • Significantly lower calories than traditional sweeteners.
  • Blends quickly with any drink, hot or cold.
  • Sustainably produced, less carbon footprint than plastic creamer cups – and it’s made without water, saving one of our planet’s most valuable resources.
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