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Cinnamon Roll

Bring the decadent taste of your favorite pastry to your coffee with our Cinnamon Roll Turbinado shots. Using only the finest ingredients – it has the taste you crave, and only a fraction of the calories.

  • A PREMIUM SUGAR: We deliver the taste you love by wrapping premium raw Turbinado sugar in the purest natural flavors and a hint of super’naturally sweet N’Robed sugar crystals.
  • CLEAN LABEL: Naturally flavored, always. No gums or preservatives to dilute your drink.
  • FEWER CALORIES: Our flavor shots contain 75% fewer calories than liquid syrups, with the same great taste.
  • LESS PACKAGING: Liquid syrups live in bulky plastic bottles while our flavored crystals come in paper-based packaging – helping reduce our carbon footprint and saving precious water.

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