Get the rich, full nutty flavor you love with our deliciously sweet hazelnut creamer stick. Made from the best ingredients, this creamer will turn any cup of coffee into your perfect cup of coffee.

  • NO GUMS OR PRESERVATIVES: nothing to dilute your drink. And because it’s in powdered form, there’s less waste
  • LONGER SHELF LIFE: Shelf-stable in shipping and on your counter. That saves refrigeration and avoids spoilage.
  • LOWER CALORIES: Our creamer sticks are non-dairy, lactose free, kosher, and contain 66% fewer calories than traditional creamer cups while giving you the delicious creamy flavor you love.
  • BLENDS QUICKLY: Doesn’t matter if your beverage is hot or cold – these blend quickly and completely with any drink.
  • LESS PACKAGING: We use less packaging, which means a reduced carbon footprint – and it’s made without the water, which saves one of our planet’s most valuable resources.

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